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People refer Services, Product, Jobs and Properties for sale all the time and never think about asking for a referral fee.

Referrals for a fee is most commonly practiced in the Real Estate industry.  But we believe referral services add value to a transaction and as such the referring party should be compensated.

Referrals help to speed the sales process because someone who has been referred will be in the market to make a purchase. Meaning the connection work has already been done by the referrer and now the deal only needs to be negotiated and sealed. And usually referrals are viewed as being more trustworthy and reliable because the referrer has firsthand knowledge of the Seller and Buyer making both parties feel more comfortable.

PROBLEM: Referring people don’t feel comfortable asking for a referral fee when referring something of value. So we designed this Referral Program wherein the application does the asking for you in a professional meaningful way and that tracks the entire referral from beginning to end. And the best part is that no money changes hands until the referral has been completed and does the accepted by all parties.

The Ponta Referral Program allows you to refer anything to others in exchange for a negotiated referral fee. You are not an employee, partner or co-venture of, or in any other service relationship with Ponta. The manner in which you share referrals will be within your sole control and discretion. See Ponta Referral Program Understanding for more details.


First you need to identify a service, product, job or property that needs selling and possible buyers.  Then follow these steps:

Step 1 – Open the Referral Program link on  If you are not logged into you will be asked to login.

Step 2 – Click on the Add a Seller button to start the Referral Process. The seller is the person who is selling or managing the Service, Product, Job or Property and that you are referring to others to purchase or takeover. Ideally, the seller will be a registered Service Provider on But this is not a requirement because you can invite a New Sellers as you find new referral opportunities.

Step 3 – After selecting the Seller, you will be taken to the Invite Seller page where you add the description of the product, service, job or property being sold; and your referral type (Fix Fee or Percentage). Percentage Options include:

• Total Earned Commission
• Total Contract Price
• Total Earned Revenues
• Total Fees Received
• Hourly Rate
• Other (where you specify)

Click on the Send Invitation button.

Here is what the Seller will receive to Message you or Negotiate, Accept or Decline your Referral Invitation.

Step 5 – Wait for the Seller to respond to the above on the Referrals Sent page.

  • If the Seller Declines you would do nothing further with this referral.
  • If the seller selects Negotiate simply follow the prompts to respond; and
  • If the Seller selects Accept go to step 6.

Step 6 – From the Referrals Sent page find this referral and click on the Add/Send Buyer Details button to send the Buyers information to the Seller.

Step 7 – Now you, as the referrer, just wait until the referral transaction has been successfully completed by the Seller and Buyer. That’s the beauty of this Referral Program. The Seller will use this Referral Detail ID page to process your referral fee payment directly to you. And in turn you will make your 10% Ponta Processing Fee using the Referral Program Payment Processing System.


For help with your Ponta Referral Program Contact Us. For any issues with your PayPal account contact PayPal.

No, there is no cost to use the Ponta Referral Program but you would pay us a 10% Ponta Referral Program Processing fee of the referral fee you actually receive.  We basically use the honor system whereby you will only pay us this Ponta Referral Program Processing fee after the referral transaction has been successfully completed and you have received your referral fee. You will be using our Ponta Referral Program processing system for making this payment to us. It’s easy.

Ponta Inc. is a California Corporation DBA  Ponta was incorporated in 1999 by founder W. Gary Westernoff.

MISSION Empowering project owners and service, material and equipment providers to achieve their ultimate goals while helping the Construction Industry go Green with cutting-edge technology from project concept through completion.

VISION To be the most valued online platform for the building-construction industry and on-demand marketplace.

“Professionalism, value and a helping hand…my commitment to you! And we never deny help to anyone for lack of funds.”

W. Gary Westernoff, CEO

Performance Standard: None.

Corrective Measure: Broken glass not reported to the remodeler prior to acceptance of the job is the owner’s responsibility.

Performance Standard: Windows shall operate with reasonable ease. Residential aluminum, double- and single-hung, vertical-sliding windows shall require a maximum operating force of 35 pounds. Aluminum, horizontal-sliding windows shall require a maximum operating force of 20 pounds. Wood-frame windows of all types shall require a maximum operating force of 25 pounds.

Corrective Measure: The remodeler will correct or repair as required to meet the performance standard.

Performance Standard: When a gutter is unobstructed by debris, the water level shall not exceed 1 inch in depth. Installing gutters with a 1/8-inch drop in one foot will generally prevent water from standing in the gutters. Even so, small amounts of water may remain in some sections of gutter for a short time after a rain.

Corrective Measure: The remodeler will repair the gutter to meet the performance standard.


Performance Standard: Water shall drain from a flat roof except for minor ponding within 24 hours of a rainfall.

Corrective Measure: The remodeler will take corrective action to assure proper drainage of the roof.