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Observation: Cabinets do not line up with each other.

Performance Standard: Cabinet faces more than 1/16 inch out of line, and cabinet comers more than 1/8 inch out of line, are unacceptable, unless the owner and the remodeler agree to disregard the standard in order to match or otherwise compensate for preexisting conditions.

Corrective Measure: The remodeler will make necessary adjustments to meet the performance standard.

Discussion: In rooms with out of plumb walls or out of level floors and ceilings, “square” cabinets cannot be installed parallel to walls and ceilings and still keep the cabinets on line. For example, if the floor is not level and the installer measures up from it, “snaps” a line on which to place the tops of the wall cabinets, then plumbs the first cabinet, one comer of the cabinet will leave the line, and the bottom comers of successive cabinets will not be in line. Similarly, cabinets will not line up with each other if they are installed on a level line, starting against an out of plumb wall instead of being plumbed. The remodeler should explain the aesthetic options and let the owner decide which one is preferred.