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Observation: Floors squeak or the subfloor appears loose.

Performance Standard: Squeaks caused by a loose subfloor are unacceptable, but totally squeak-proof floors cannot be guaranteed.

Corrective Measure: The remodeler will refasten any loose subfloor or take other corrective action to eliminate squeaking to the extent possible within reasonable repair capability without removing floor and ceiling finishes.

Discussion: Floor squeaks may occur when a subfloor that has come loose from the joists is deflected by the weight of a person and rubs against the nails that hold it in place. The subfloor or joists may be bowed, and the nails also may be expelled from the wood during drying. Movement may occur between the joist and bridging or other floor members when one joist is deflected while the other members remain stationary. Gluing the subfloor to the joists and eliminating the bridging will reduce squeaks, but the total elimination of squeaks is practically impossible. Renailing floor joists with ring-shank nails also will substantially reduce severe floor squeaks.

The performance standard requires the remodeler to make a reasonable attempt to eliminate squeaks without requiring removal of floor and ceiling finishes.