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Observation: Siding is not installed on a straight line.

Performance Standard: Any piece of lap siding more than 1/2 inch off parallel with the bottom course or more than 1/4 inch off parallel with contiguous courses is unacceptable, unless the owner and the remodeler have previously agreed to disregard the performance standard to match a preexisting structural condition.

 Corrective Measure: The remodeler will reinstall siding to meet the performance standard for straightness and replace any siding damaged during removal with new siding.

Discussion: This defect is preventable. Lap siding can be kept straight by measuring and marking the courses on the comers, snapping lines between the marks, and holding the courses to the marks. However, if the remodeler and the owner have agreed that the floor of an addition is to be on a different plane from an existing floor (e.g., out of level), the siding on the addition may not be parallel and in line with the existing siding.