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Observation: The foundation is out of level

Performance Standard: As measured at the top of the foundation wall, no point shall be more than 1/2 inch higher or lower than any point within 20 feet, unless the owner and remodeler agree to intentionally build an addition to an existing structure out of level in order to match or compensate for inaccuracies in the existing structure.

Corrective Measure: The remodeler will make necessary modifications to any foundation not complying with the performance standards for levelness to comply with the performance standard.

Discussion: Levelness is both an aesthetic and functional consideration. Out-of-level floors can cause “stair stepping” of 4×8-foot sheathing, siding, paneling and cabinets, and square walls must be “racked” into parallelograms when plumbing is installed. Liquids can run off counter tops, and, in extreme cases, people will perceive that they are walking up or downhill. The remodeler and the owner may agree to build an addition out of level in order to keep the floor of an addition on the same plane, and the roof ridge on the same line, as those of an existing, out-of-level structure.