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Who can participate in the Ponta Referral Program?

People refer Services, Product, Jobs and Properties for sale all the time and never think about asking for a referral fee.

Referrals for a fee is most commonly practiced in the Real Estate industry.  But we believe referral services add value to a transaction and as such the referring party should be compensated.

Referrals help to speed the sales process because someone who has been referred will be in the market to make a purchase. Meaning the connection work has already been done by the referrer and now the deal only needs to be negotiated and sealed. And usually referrals are viewed as being more trustworthy and reliable because the referrer has firsthand knowledge of the Seller and Buyer making both parties feel more comfortable.

PROBLEM: Referring people don’t feel comfortable asking for a referral fee when referring something of value. So we designed this Referral Program wherein the application does the asking for you in a professional meaningful way and that tracks the entire referral from beginning to end. And the best part is that no money changes hands until the referral has been completed and does the accepted by all parties.