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Questions and answers for plumbing Observations and Conditions

Performance Standard: Because of the flow of water and pipe expansion, the water pipe system will emit some noise. However, the pipes should not make the pounding noise called water hammer.

Corrective Measure: The remodeler cannot remove all noises caused by water flow and pipe expansion. However, the remodeler will correct the system to eliminate water hammer.


Performance Standard: No leaks of any kind shall exist in any soil, waste, vent, or water pipe.

Corrective Measure: The remodeler will make repairs to eliminate leakage.

Performance Standard: Condensation on pipes may result at certain combinations of temperature and indoor humidity.

Corrective Measure: None.

Performance Standard: No valve or faucet shall leak because of defects in material or workmanship.

Corrective Measure: The remodeler will repair or replace the leaking faucet or valve.


Performance Standard: Drain, waste, vent, and water pipes shall be adequately protected to prevent freezing as required by the applicable plumbing code for normally anticipated cold weather and in accordance with the design temperatures established by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers.

Corrective Measure: The remodeler will correct situations not meeting the applicable code. The owner is responsible for draining or otherwise protecting pipes and exterior faucets that are exposed to freezing temperatures.

Performance Standard: All on-site service connections to the municipal water main or private water supply are the responsibility of the remodeler.

Corrective Measure: The remodeler will repair the water supply system if the failure results from defective installation or materials. Conditions beyond the control of the remodeler that disrupt or eliminate the water supply are not covered.

Performance Standard: Tubs and showers shall not leak.

Corrective Measure: The remodeler will repair tub or shower leaks by sealing the faucet covers or tub surround as necessary to meet the performance standard.

Performance Standard: Plumbing fixtures, appliances, and trim fittings shall comply with their manufacturer’s standards.

Corrective Measure: The remodeler will replace any defective fixture or fitting that does not meet the manufacturer’s standards.


Performance Standard: Cracks and chips in surfaces of bathtubs and sinks can occur when surfaces are hit with sharp or heavy objects.

Corrective Measure: The remodeler will not be responsible for repairs unless the damage is reported to the remodeler prior to acceptance of the job.


Performance Standard: Sewers, fixtures, and drains shall operate properly.

Corrective Measure: The remodeler will not be responsible for sewers, fixtures, and drains that are clogged because of the owner’s actions or negligence. If a problem occurs, the owner should consult the remodeler for corrective action. If defective installation is the cause, the remodeler is responsible for correcting the problem. If the owner’s actions or negligence is the cause, the owner is responsible for correcting the problem.

With respect to septic systems, owner actions that constitute negligence under this standard include but are not limited to the following:

  • Connection of sump pump, roof drains, or backwash from a water conditioner into the system.
  • Placement of non-biodegradable items into the system.
  • Use of a food waste disposer not supplied or approved by the remodeler.
  • Placement of surfaces not permeable to water over the disposal area of the system.
  • Allowing vehicles to drive or park over the disposal area of the system.
  • Failure to pump out the septic tank periodically, as required.