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Observation: Sewers, fixtures, or drains are clogged.

Performance Standard: Sewers, fixtures, and drains shall operate properly.

Corrective Measure: The remodeler will not be responsible for sewers, fixtures, and drains that are clogged because of the owner’s actions or negligence. If a problem occurs, the owner should consult the remodeler for corrective action. If defective installation is the cause, the remodeler is responsible for correcting the problem. If the owner’s actions or negligence is the cause, the owner is responsible for correcting the problem.

With respect to septic systems, owner actions that constitute negligence under this standard include but are not limited to the following:

  • Connection of sump pump, roof drains, or backwash from a water conditioner into the system.
  • Placement of non-biodegradable items into the system.
  • Use of a food waste disposer not supplied or approved by the remodeler.
  • Placement of surfaces not permeable to water over the disposal area of the system.
  • Allowing vehicles to drive or park over the disposal area of the system.
  • Failure to pump out the septic tank periodically, as required.